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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The sound of coughing in the morning

Ah, morning again. And I wake up to the sound of coughing-deep coughing.

Oh wait. It's spring and I'm supposed to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, not one of my kids coughing, right? Such is my life.

I'm usually slow to wake up, but I was instantly awake this morning. I could tell it was Son #2 coughing, it's funny how you can tell how it sounds when each one of your kids coughs-especially when they have asthma. Just like when they're babies, you can tell which baby is yours in a crowded room just by the sound of their cry.

So I have to start planning. First I thought I'll send him to school, and see if Wonderful Neighbor can be on stand by with the nebulizer. He just doesn't seem to get any relief from using his inhaler.

Then I had second thoughts. Hubby is already at work an hour away, and I am about to leave for a professional development conference an hour's drive away. So I don't feel comfortable sending him to the high school. I'll let him sleep a little, then check him before I leave. I think it's one of those illnesses where you just have to let nature take it's course.

This is just My Life as an Asthma Mom. Asthma always hits at the worst time, and each one of the kids is a little different as to how they respond.

So, we're stocked up with the nebulizer and Xopenex. And if his peak flow is too low, I'll have to just skip my conference and stay home. He's pretty good to let me know if he can just muddle through, or if he's worried it's getting worse. I always have a bottle of Prednisone at home for each one of the kids.

That's option number one when he gets sick and his number on his peak flow drops drastically. Son #2 has severe asthma and has been hospitalized 8 times, with 2 of those, he came close to losing his life. So we keep a close eye on him.

So, off I go to check on him. Either I will head to my conference, or I'll be staying home to watch him.

I love my life! And I have this thing about liking my kids to breathe. I'm so picky......

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