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Friday, April 8, 2011

Hawaii and asthma

Now that I am almost done with my new college degree (to add to my Interior Design degree), I would love to go to Hawaii to reward myself for all of my hard work!

I deserve a do-over you know. Hubby and I went there several years ago (luckily a family member has a time share.) But it was anything but relaxing. Son #2 was sick when we left-when isn't he sick? He has regular respiratory infections and ends up on steroids and antibiotics multiple times throughout the year.

So, I didn't think this episode was any different. However, the night before we left, he said he chest felt different this time. A sharp pain. Hhhmm. Our flight left at 4:00 the next morning. So I told him I would call him from our layover in LA.

When we arrived, I called him but he still didn't sound good, so I called Asthma Doc to have Wonderful Neighbor take him in to get checked. We had to board our flight, but I was sure it would just be another infection, more steroids and more antibiotics.

When we landed in Hawaii we found out that he had a partially collapsed lung. Now what?! Asthma Doc said it was lucky we brought him in when we did because he gave him a shot of Decadron (a powerful steroid) that would probably keep him out of the hospital. But that if they had to admit him, they would. We could just stay and enjoy Hawaii.

Yeah, I'll relax alright. With a kid that sick?! Great, now I have guilt. It's no wonder Hubby and I never travel, we've only left the kids a few times, and asthma is why!

Son #2 was struggled all weekend, then took a turn for the worst. So, I called Asthma Doc's nurse at home, and they actually tracked him down at church. What a guy! He met Son #2 and Wonderful Neighbor at his office, then they went for a chest x-ray at the hospital.

They didn't end up admitted him, and he turned the corner and started to improve. We checked into leaving then and flying home, but Asthma Doc said he would be fine.

Son #2 needed to rest and relax and let his body heal. Hellllooo video games! He ended up being fine, but needless to say, we didn't enjoy the trip. We spent a lot of time on the phone, and also sent a lot of text messages to get updates on his peak flow numbers and how he was feeling.

I would love to go back to Hawaii, I do need a do-over. What are the odds of having him get sick again? And having another partially collapsed lung? Do we dare plan try another trip?

I'm looking out the window at a very dreary rainy day, Hawaii sounds great about now. There's always that whole budget thing. Maybe next year. Until then, I'll just change my screen saver to a picture of Hawaii, aaaahhhh. I feel better already.

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