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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ha! Caught! Exhaled Nitric oxide detectors

Asthma Doctor has this great little machine that he tested Son #2 on at this month's Xolair appointment. (Xolair is his monthly shot that controls his severe asthma. It's $1000 per injection, but cheaper than a hospital visit!)

Anyway, Asthma Doc was asking Son #2 if he was taking his asthma medication. There was a little hesitation, then son answered yes. But there is one sure way to find out!

The Exhaled Nitric oxide detector. It takes about 5 seconds to do, he just exhaled into a little machine and tried to keep his breath steady. It measures Nitric oxide in his breath. Asthma Doc said Nitric Oxide is what the body makes when there is inflammation (common with asthma) so it's a good test to see how they are doing.

The average range is 5-25, Son #2 was at 40. Which means either he is not taking his daily medication, or it's not working as it should. We're monitoring him now to make sure he takes it every morning (nag, nag, nag)

And we'll see again next month what his number is. It's a cool little machine and amazing that it can detect inflammation in the lungs. What will they think of next? If you haven't tried it yet, ask your doctor about it.

You may be surprised to find out you perfect chilren are not taking their medication like they are supposed to. Son #2, you are busted!


  1. Alorah has used the one at her pulmo's office and she got a good score, I have no idea what that # was, and it is a super simple test. Unfortunately she is on such high doses of things but according to that machine she is using them properly. The electronic spirometery showed she had greatly reduced small airway lung function so I'm glad they have both tools. I am looking forward to seeing all that National Jewish has to offer, apparently they have the best in the world when it comes to function testing.

  2. Good job with Alorah, she's young enough you can probably superviser her medication. When they're older, (think teenagers) I don't think they're ask good at following through on their medications. Good luck at National Jewish!