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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red noses and allergies

The Cupid from the new Disney Tangled movie is how I feel lately. (He's the little guy in the front) I have a big red nose from blowing and wiping it from allergies, and sleepy eyes because the sniffling and sneezing sometimes keep me awake. Of course I am taller (a bit) and I do have all my teeth.

Many of you may be suffering from allergies, I know I am. In fact, we have gone through A LOT of tissues lately. I just opened my last box, I need to remember to put that on the grocery store list.

There is one thing that I have found that helps, it's not that exciting of a tip, but any little bit helps, right?!

I have found that when you are wiping a runny nose all of the time or just blowing it over and over, and it gets really sore and really red. So, I have found Puffs brand tissues with lotion. Ah, what a difference.

Like I say, it's not an earth shattering discovery, but sometimes it's as exciting as it gets. And every little bit helps during allergy season.

So, if your nose is starting to look like Cupid from the Disney Tangled movie, head to the store and buy Puffs brand tissues with lotion. It really seems to make a difference.

Happy sniffling and sneezing.

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