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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Has anyone used a yurt at the beach?

keepitsurreal, Creative commons

We're traveling to visit family and I've been looking at some options online that my family suggested. Has anyone stayed in a yurt at the beach?

I found a photo of this one online at Oregon Coast yurt rentals. When I first looked up pictures of yurts online, I found one that looked like The First Little Piggy's house (you know-the one made out of sticks that the Big Bad Wolf blows down!)

My first thought was that the sticks would be a problem with allergies. Allergies, allergies, why is always allergies?!

The yurts look interesting, but some of them have canvas roofs and a hatch that you can open to let fresh air inside. (which also means pollen and allergens inside.) And they all look like they are in the woods. Hubby takes the kids camping every summer, but I worry every time he does. Our family and allergies do not mix.

I'm always so careful when it comes to housing, I almost feel like Melman from the cartoon Madagascar. "Nature, it's everywhere!"

Don't get me wrong, I love the beach. In fact my kids know that after they make their millions, they have to buy a beach house in Kauai for their amazing mom. (and a nice little convertible to go with it) I can happily putter in the sand for days.

But I also need a place to clean up and shut out the allergens so I can sleep at night.

Any ideas from anyone? Anyone every stayed in a yurt before? Or even heard of a yurt before?

Let me know if anyone has any ideas-


  1. I stayed in a yurt on the Oregon Coast last summer and it was great! A fantastic and cheap alternative to camping in tents, they usually have a couple futons or bunk beds, and many even have a bathroom and heat. I'm not sure how well it would pair with allergies and asthma, but I would guess it would be better than sleeping beneath the stars. Great experience!

  2. Hhmm, that's good to know. We are usually shut up in a hotel at night so we can sleep without waking up with stuffy noses (which of course leads to snoring) and the puffy eyes are a great touch too. But maybe I'll check into this a little further. Thanks for the advice!