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Monday, April 4, 2011

From mowing lawns to shoveling snow

From mowing the lawn Saturday to shoveling snow Sunday! Welcome to spring in Utah. And boy are we miserable! Hubby was mowing the lawn on Saturday, and my daffodils were all in bloom. Along with some sneaky little dandelions that are starting to sprout. (Of course I zapped them with my weedkiller-die! die!)

Now that everything is blooming, we are all sneezing. I think we have gone through a whole box of tissue in about a week. Wonderful neighbor came over and mentioned how bad her allergies are (she has asthma too.) I even heard one of the local dj's on the radio complaining about allergies.

So, here we go again. I am lucky enough to just need allergy medicine in the spring and summer, but the kids take it year round because their allergies are so bad. Kitty sneezes non stop, even after 3 years of allergy shots. Even with the snow storm, we were still sneezing all day yesterday, how is that possible?!

The snow has blanketed everything, yet that doesn't stop us from having allergies. And believe it or not, today (Monday) I am looking out my window, and almost all of the snow has melted from my lawn.

So, more allergies. For people who don't have allergies, they have no idea what it's like. They may whine because they have a cold for a week. Think of a cold that never goes away, it gets better and worse, but never goes away. And everywhere we go, I have to carry packs of tissues. They're in the house, my car, my purse, the kid's back packs.

It's miserable and never ending. But, we're alive and breathing, so that's all that matters. And I would like to keep it that way.

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