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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tree nut allergy

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More fun with tree nuts. Son #2 is always careful in checking things before he eats. We're visiting family and were sitting down to Sunday brunch when he noticed the tray of pastries. Mmmm. Except the cinnamon rolls were on the same plate as some almond pastries. Not good.

He asked if I had any Benadryl, he wasn't sure if there was any cross-contamination with the pastries and cinnamon rolls. So, how do you know if it's safe? Well, we weren't taking any chances. I didn't pack any Benadryl and I realized we didn't have the Epi Pen with us either. Son #2 keeps it in his back pack for school, and of course he didn't bring that when we came to visit family.

He decided not to chance it, and have something else for brunch instead. You can never be too careful with a food allergy. We read labels, and check all the food when we are at someone else's house. We're headed out to lunch at a buffet and once we get there, will carefully check the food. We're also not shy when it comes to asking what's in the food. (I am allergic to seafood, so I check for seafood as well as tree nuts)

I try to make sure we are the first to be served if we're at a family function and someone brought something with nuts, it's the only way to make sure someone doesn't use the serving utensils for a nut or seafood item, then switch it to use in another food.

Son #1 had anaphylactic shock once, after an allergy injection. It was enough to scare me for life. I never want to see that happen again, so we'll be a little paranoid when it comes to eating any food we haven't prepared. We'll scan buffets, ask the servers, and make sure things are kept separate at family dinners. And it always helps to remind people of your food allergies.

Off we go to the buffet-wish us luck!

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