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Friday, May 6, 2011

Not so loveable stuffed animals

Sure, stuffed animals look cute! But what do they do for those of us with allergies and asthma?

They're full of dust! And dust just happens to be one of the most common allergies, so if your kids are sneezing and wheezing, the stuffed animals could be to blame.

I just read an short article about stuffed animals in the April issues of Womans Day Magazine, and it said stuffed animals could be harboring millions of dust mites and making your family's allergies worse.

Of course most kids love stuffed animals on their beds (no matter how old they get.......) so we wash Kitty's stuffed animals once a month in the washing machine in hot water. (their suggestion was every two weeks-guess I should be a little better at that)

But I always feel like a murderer when I'm trying to push the stuffed animals down into the water in the washing machine so they get clean, they always seem to bob up to the surface.

One of the things they suggest is putting stuffed animals into the freezer for 24 hours every two weeks. Now that's an idea. Kitty gets really angry when I wash her stuffed animals and it ruins the long mane of fur on her stuffed horses. In the past, I have tried washing them in a lingerie mesh bag, or inside a pillow case. But it still seems to mess up the fur. And heaven forbid I annoy a pre-teen. I already get enough sighing and eye-rolling as it is!

So, try freezing your kid's stuffed animals. Of course, the trick is getting them away from the kids and explaining why you are putting the stuffed animals in the freezer. I can't help you there. I always had to sneak the stuffed animals off Kitty's bed after she went to school and try to run them through the washer and dryer and get them back to their spots.

The things we do as parents........but if your kids seem to sneeze and wheeze when they are in their rooms, check out the stuffed animals. Sure they look cute, but boy do they get dusty!

Let me know if any of you try freezing the stuffed animals or if washing seems to work better.


  1. Our solution? Same as for pillows. I use an allergy and asthma zipper pillow cover for Alorah's PRECIOUS bunny. She is really not up for much washing (she is from Build-a-bear) so it is the perfect solution for us. We get th best of both worlds. Bunny will survive and Alorah can cuddle her up around her face without breathing her dust and anything else that could irritate her lungs. Trust me it feels a little weird to stuff the bunny in a bag, zip it up, and hand it to your kid but she is so attached that it is just dandy with her! The whole freezer thing kinda freaks me out animal+dust mites?

  2. Good to know, I guess you have to just try and see what works with your kids, they're all a little different.