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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day asthma attack

Well, I didn't see that one coming. We were having a great garden party on Mother's Day, we had worked all day Saturday getting the yard cleaned up and it looked beautiful. (This isn't a photo of my yard, but it looks similar. Apparently my camera doesn't like having sand in the lens from our trip to the coast to see family-so no photos yesterday )

The longer I sat outside on the patio, the more I sneezed and wheezed. I didn't want to get up and leave our guests, so I just visited with them. How bad can allergies get, right?!

Well, I finally did give up and went in the house, but by then it was too late. We still had guests at our home, so I couldn't hop in the shower. (Which is what I normally would have done). So, I changed my clothes, washed my face with soap and water and ran a wet was cloth over my hair to try to capture some of the pollen.

But it was too little, too late. I started the lovely 'asthma cough' and ended up staggering over to my purse for my inhaler. Happy Mother's Day! Gotta love my inhaler though, it's worth EVERY penny.

I still felt lousy after that, so I ended up taking a nap (isn't that what we moms are allowed to do on Mother's Day?)

Today, I have a sporadic cough and my lungs feel terrible, they are still trying to recover from yesterday. And my allergy medicine is making me feel like I am on slow speed.

Isn't life with allergies and asthma fun? Always unpredictible, always at the worst time.


  1. I'm sorry :( My daughter ended up having her own attack on Saturday. I wet dusted a fan and set her into a tizzy, we treated it aggressively (neb, oral albuterol, etc) and we avoided steroids (yay) but we had to miss a party that was outdoors (high pollen level and they have a cat indoors). You just can't predict it. I'm sorry you had to spend your Mother's Day dealing with the big A! ((hugs))