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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Driver's license renewal and asthma?

Who knew you had to get permission from your doctor to drive if you have asthma? (Well, actually in my state, it's okay if you just use an inhaler, but if you use any other medication, you have to have a doctor's permission to drive.)

Hhm, it's been a while since I renewed my driver's license. In fact, I am one of those people you hate. I have NEVER had a ticket (and let's say I've been driving for quite a while.....) So my driver's license division just sends me a renewal every four years.

Check to see what is needed for your state or country.

Where I live, you are fine if you just use an inhaler, you don't need a doctor's clearance. But if you use anything else (I use a maintenance/controller medication every day) you may have to take a form to your doctor to fill out that says it's safe for you to drive.

I'm not sure what the concern is, maybe they think I'll stop breathing suddenly (a possibility for anyone that has an asthma attack) and that could really cause a problem if you are driving! And some people need an oxygen tank to breathe.

More fun with asthma! It's always causing extra little problems in my life. But, I am still alive and breathing, and so are all three of my kids. Always a bonus.

Just another fun little trivia (and warning) if you drive. You may need to take an extra trip to the doctor's office and get permission to drive. The things we take for granted......


  1. very interesting. hmm... I'll have to keep that in mind when Alorah gets hers. that never would have occurred to me!

  2. They also check for heart conditions, seizures, etc. But I wasn't sure what the problem was of being on a maintenance medication vs just using a rescue inhaler-