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Friday, June 1, 2012

No, no, no! Smoke from a nearby fire!

This is what I saw on my way home from work last night. Smoke in the valley makes me VERY nervous!  The area I live in is surrounded by mountains, and the valley has a lot of farms. So fires are always a concern here.

This past winter was pathetic, we didn't get much snow at all.  The license plates covers for our state say, "Greatest Snow on Earth." But not this year! We didn't get much snow in the valleys, and now I am worried about a drought.

This fire was started in a remote area by two men who were shooting guns. It's burned about 200 acres so far, but it doesn't look too bad this morning. I was worried that this was just the start, and that it was going to spread quickly. I could smell the smoke last night, so we made sure all of the windows were closed and that no family members were outside. We've had fires here that were MUCH worse. This valley where half a million people live was thick with smoke. And Son #2 almost "crashed" or stopped breathing because of it. To read about what happened, click here.    

I'm looking out my office window, I can't see any smoke from here. And I know it's nothing like the other fires that are burning in Michigan, Colorado and New Mexico.

But I'm afraid of what may be coming this summer, I think this is the first of many fires. Please be careful if you are outdoors. If you are in an area and they ask you to evacuate-DO IT! Fires can switch direction and can be deadly. With asthma, you have to be extra careful when it comes to breathing.

I'm not really picky, I just want to keep myself and my kids alive and breathing..

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