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Friday, December 17, 2010

Flash back - fires

Flash back Friday- fires

There's a beautiful historic building across the street from me that is on fire. I saw the news coverage this morning during breakfast. The area here is swarming with people taking photos. It's freezing cold outside, and the area smells of smoke.

I can smell a little bit of smoke in the main part of the building where I am, I am watching through a window.

It's a shame to see beautiful architecture lost to fire, we're all hoping if can be saved and renovated. I'm not so sure.

But I am lucky to be able to watch it from inside another building. If the cold didn't trigger my asthma, the smoke definitely would. It always makes me a little uneasy.

Smoke from a forest fires several years ago blanketed the valley where we live and almost cost Son #2 his life. It all happened so fast. He was outside playing with friends, and we didn't notice how smoky it was. You know little kids-if they're have fun, they won't come in for anything, even to use the bathroom. So, when I saw that he was outside at the neighbors, I quickly brought him in. Then the coughing started. He seemed to do well after breathing treatments, but then he wanted to go outside later and 'help' with 4th of July fireworks. The coughing started again, but this time it didn't quit, no matter how many treatments we did.

We decided we better head to the emergency department, and we got there just in time. He ended up not only on oxygen and a steroid IV, but also a heart monitor. That's when you know they're really bad, when they have the leeds and wires all over their chest. That means the doctors are afraid they're going to stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest.

I think I was in shock at the time. That's the one problem with asthma, it can go from bad to worse (or deadly) very quickly. You have to be so careful. It was a close call, and we were really scared for his life. Luckily, he made it.

I am still afraid of smoke, so I will stay inside my building where it's safe and smoke free. Asthma and smoke are a deadly combination. It makes me shudder to think about it.

Stay safe everyone, and be careful.

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