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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas trees

Christmas trees - real or fake?

Well, it's that time of year. Kitty was so excited to put up the Christmas tree, that we did it the day after Thanksgiving. Sorry, I only celebrate one holiday at a time. So, she had to wait.

But, do you get a real Christmas tree, or a fake one? We used to get real trees when the kids were little. But we noticed non stop sneezing and coughing. That was when the kids were first diagnosed with asthma. And since the kids have multiple triggers (basically, they're allergic to anything that's alive). Trees, bushes, flowers, grass, dogs, cats, horses.

Oh, I exaggerate. There is one animal that Kitty isn't allergic. Shot Nurse was laughing when she said there was one animal that didn't show up on Kitty's scratch test (skin test to see what you are allergic to). A rat. She said we could get a pet rat! Very funny. Not happening.

So, I know it takes the fun out of Christmas, having a fake Christmas tree. It's one of the wonderful smells. Along with the gingerbread house and sugar cookies. But, what do you do?

Listen to the kids sneeze and cough for a month? Or get a fake tree? As an interior designer, I like authentic flowers, plants and trees. None of those silk plants in my house. Except for the tree. Grumble, grumble.

But, you do what you have to as parents. It looks amazing, and no one is sneezing or wheezing.

I hope you all have fun putting up your Christmas tree, whether it's real or fake. If you're lucky enough to have a real one- fabulous! If not, you can join me in being grateful I don't have a bunch of dead needles to clean up every week.

Happy decorating!


  1. I had two brothers with asthma and so we never had a real tree either. I didn't realize what I was missing until I went away to college and had a real tree for the first time. It was nice.
    Andrea, you should love to have a pet rat. We had a huge rat that lived in the wall of the house that I lived in while I was in Tonga. The only bad thing is that sometimes it would eat my clothes!

  2. Lori, I do miss the smell of a real Christmas tree, but what can you do?

    Hhmm, a pet rat for Kitty.....sorry no deal. It was a little strange that of all the animals she was tested for, the only one she wasn't allergic to is a rat?! My kids are growing up deprived-no pets. They can still play with the neighbor's dog from time to time. But it's just not the same as having a pet. Oh well

  3. Until I was about 10 years old my house was also a pet-less house. Then my parents finally gave into our complaints and let us rats! We had 3 rats, and I have to say, they had a lot of personality. They could also jump out of 3 foot tall garbage cans (which probably makes the idea of a pet rat even more terrible to you, but we were pretty impressed by their tricks). Luckily our rats didn't eat clothes like Lori's live-in-wall rat.

    Hope you enjoyed decorating for the holiday season even if it is a fake tree!