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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tip #2 - floors

Tip #2

So, as much as my historic home drives me crazy because there is always something leaking, flooding, shorting out, breaking, etc. There is one up side- original wood floors.

We had to rip out all the carpet when we moved in and Hubby refinished the entire upstairs, which had wood floors. (You can rent all the equipment at hardware stores). Hubby looked with satisfaction at his handwork and declared, "We could play a great game of basketball in here!"

I love my wood floors, especially for allergies and asthma. They're easy to clean, plus I can actually see the dirt and dust bunnies. Helllllooooo vacuum! Yes, I am a little strange. I love to vacuum. There's something about the monotonous work of vacuuming. My canister vac (equipped with a hepa filter of course) allows me to vacuum the area rugs, then flip a switch and use it on the wood floors. Then I switch attachments on the nozzle, and can clean all the edges of the rooms. Told you I was a little strange. It's rewarding to suck up all the dust and crumbs, then empty out the vacuum canister and see all the junk I just sucked up. It feels so much cleaner.

Of course, not everyone can have wood floors. They are expensive if you need to install them. My in laws live in the south west, where tile floors are common.

I know that for us, anything that I can get rid of in our house (that is causing problems) will help with asthma. Asthma Doc always said that medicine is a 'band aid' approach. You need to get to the root of the problem. What are your triggers? What is causing problems for you in your home? You can take all the medicine you want, but if you have things in your home that are causing problems, it's an uphill battle.

So, look around. See if you can determine your triggers in your home. And I'll keep blogging about things we've done. They may or may not work for you, you can pick and choose something to try.
Good luck!

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