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Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothing under the bed

Tip #3

One thing I have learned is that if you have allergies and asthma, it is best to not store anything under the bed. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? (What am I supposed to do with all that junk now?!)

And if you ask Son #1, he would say, "Oh great! I've have not one, but two parents that are clean freaks!"

Well, I'm not as bad as some people (when it comes to cleaning) but I try to narrow down what triggers a case of sneezing and wheezing. And stuff shoved under the bed seems to be one of them.

When was the last time you cleaned anything out from under your bed? Be honest......the last time you moved? And then you were forced to clean it up?

Granted, it is a great place to put things. Out of the way, you don't trip over anything, great hiding place, but the last time you had to retrieve something from under the bed, how was it? Full of dust? Did you sneeze and cough?

That's one of the biggest dust magnets there is, so the rule in our house is 'nothing goes under the bed'! And, from looking at the photo, you can see how easy it is to vacuum under there and keep it clean. If you have ever woken up with a stuffy nose or itchy eyes, this could be one of the reasons. Or if you wake up sneezing at night, which Kitty does frequently, that could also be from the pile of dust you're sleeping on top of.

When the kids were younger, we used to have a long, shallow plastic box with a lid that went under the bed to store things in. Some companies make special containers that are made to go under the bed. At least that way, it is all sealed up in one container, but we found that too much dust accumulated on the lid and it was annoying to pull out every week when I vacuumed under the beds.

So, pick what works for you. If you have a smaller apartment or home, you may have to use the special sized under bed storage box. If you do, make sure you pull it out and vacuum under the bed and keep the lid clean and dust free.

If you have more room, try to not to use the area under the bed for storage. (This was also a tip from Asthma Doctor, so I can blame it on him when the kids complain that there's no space to store things......)

Just one idea to make life a little easier as My life as an Asthma Mom continues-

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