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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fires, evacuations-what would you take?

I knew this day would be coming- fires! We have had a very pathetic winter and spring, which means everything is bone dry. There's a lot of brush on the mountains, and it burns like crazy. I can't get a good photo of the fire from my house, if I get a better one, I'll add that to the blog.

Even though they have been warning people on the news to NOT TARGET SHOOT, some people decided to shoot their guns anyway. And of course they started a fire. This isn't the first fire this month, there was one a few weeks ago-also caused by someone target shooting. That fire was quickly put out. Then the TV news stations aired reports urging people to not to go into the foothills and target shoot with their guns, but they obviously didn't listen.

I can see the plums of smoke from my house, but luckily I am far enough away that we don't have worry about being evacuated. But so far this morning, they have evacuated 8,000 people so far (in the first 24 hours). But the fire keeps shifting, so I'm sure more people will be evacuated.

They are interviewing people on the news and talking about people with asthma. They are warning them to stay inside and not go outside to watch the fire. The weatherman just said to stay inside, keep the windows closed, and use central air (or something with a filter system) Sorry for all of you that still use swamp coolers.....

For those that are evacuated, what are they taking? The newscaster just interview Noel Pikus-Pace, an Olympic "skeleton" medalist. She actually took her kid's stroller out of the car and put her Olympic flag in! She said she can buy a new stroller, but she could never replace the Olympic flag. 

Others interviewed had said they would take birth certificates, titles to their homes and cars, photos, etc.

What would you take? Asthma medication? Nebulizer? Oxygen saturation monitor? After all, we have a harder time keeping our kids breathing anyway! Then add a little smoke on top, and we need our asthma medication and equipment.

There are multiple fires all over the U.S., hopefully none near you. But if there is one close by, talk to your family members and make plans about what to take if you are evacuated. Many people think it will happen to "someone else" - but who is "someone else?" It has to be someone, it may be you one day. So prepare-just in case.....

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