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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Evacuation time!!!!

Follow up from Monday's post. I was ABSOLUTELY NOT going to send my daughter to girl's camp. There is a 40,000 acre fire in the area around the campsite, and I wasn't worried about the fire getting close to the camp-it's the smoke that gets you when you have asthma.

My friend called from the campsite and said that it was clear of smoke, and that we should consider sending daughter Kitty up to the camp. She also assured us that Kitty could call every night and let us know that she was okay. We decided to drive up to the campsite-2 hours away. We drove through a lot of smoke, but when we reached the camp, it was clear.

I met with all of the leaders, and made sure they would keep a close eye on Kitty. Then I met with the camp nurse, who works in the ICU and explained all the medications Kitty was on. She assured us that Kitty would be fine, and that if she needed to leave, they would quickly send her out with one of the leaders.

I was still very nervous as we drove away, and couldn't eat dinner last night. We watched all three news channels, plus checked the hotline concerning the fire and the smoke proximity to the camp. We tried to call numerous people at the camp to make sure she was okay, but there was limited cell coverage.

I woke up to a phone call at 6:30 this morning that the girls were being evacuated!!!!

That actually saved me a trip, because I was feeling so uneasy, I decided to drive down and pick her up.

Imagine my relief when she got off the bus! I ran up to her and gave her a big hug to which she responded, "Mooooom!! Jeez!!" as she rolled her eyes.

Looks like everything is  back to normal. 

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