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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help affording asthma medicine

I spent $200 at the pharmacy last week-and that wasn't including Son #2's epi pen that they had to order in. Pharmacist wisely suggested ordering an epi pen, because it would have a longer shelf life. If I'm going to pay $50 for an epi-pen (and most likely not have to use it) I would rather have it last as long as I can.

But buying prescriptions for our family adds up. Hubby and I and all three kids have allergies, and the kids and I all have asthma. So things get a little expensive. Add to that a monthly fee for Xolair injections ($150 copay on the $1000 injection), and we really spend a lot on medicine!

Singulair is supposed to be going generic this year, but until it does, the co-pay seems to be going up and up. I used to pay $28 for Singulair, now I am paying about $45 a month (times three-for my three kids). I found a $20 off coupon on the Singulair website. To print your own coupon, click here.   The coupon says, "Limit 1 coupon per patient for the duration of the program." We used a coupon when my kids first started on Singulair. But it seems like we printed one off to use again the next month, and the pharmacy wouldn't accept it. (This was several years ago) I called the pharmacy today and they said every coupon program is a little different. The pharmacy tech said to use a coupon the first month, then print one off for the next month and see if your insurance accepts it.

Advair is also expensive, my co-pay for it is almost $60. To print off a $10 off coupon that can be used once a month , click here. 

Needymeds is another great resource, here is a link for other coupons. They are a website where you can "find help with the cost of medicine". Countless companies are listed on their website that can help people pay for prescriptions-and it can be any medicine, not just asthma medicines. To check out Needymeds, click here.  

Hopefully these website help you with your budget. I offered to just sign my paycheck over to the pharmacy, just to make things a little easier. Some days if FEELS like I spend my whole paycheck there. But, it could always be worse, right?!


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