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Monday, October 3, 2011

Farewell Wonderful Shot Nurse

We missed a week of allergy shots because daughter Kitty was sick. So the next Friday, the New Nurse was there giving shots instead, and we asked where Wonderful Shot Nurse was. New Nurse said Wonderful Shot Nurse was gone! She has moved on to other things (and we didn't even get to say good bye!) Kitty started to cry. I sent a text to Son #2, and he was shocked.

You see, Wonderful Shot Nurse isn't just a regular nurse. She has helped keep my kids alive for the last 11 years! She has been taking care of Kitty since she was born (she's finishing elementary school)

She has helped take care of Son #2 since he was five years old. (And he's in high school now!) She has given Son #2 his five years worth of allergy shots, and gives him his monthly Xolair injections.

She also gave Son #1 his five years worth of allergy shots and kept him alive when he went into anaphylaxis after one allergy shot. She's more than just a Wonderful Shot Nurse, she was a friend. She always talked to the kids about the new book they were reading, asked how school was going, and genuinely cared about them. She always took time to listen to me and had a great smile for the kids, her whole face lights up when she smiles!

I hope you are all lucky enough to visit a great allergy and asthma specialist's office. And I hope you have a great relationship with them, they do help keep us and our kids alive! (I even bring everone in the office a small Christmas gift every year!)

To Wonderful Shot Nurse-we are so sad you are gone, but I know that life leads us to different paths. Enjoy your new one!

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