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Monday, October 10, 2011

I tried to avoid it, but the flu found me

So, this was my breakfast this morning (well, after I ate my nutritious oatmeal.) I am so careful to take precautions NOT to get sick, but I did anyway.

I was in a training for work last week, and started to notice a scratchy throat. I thought maybe it was due to the extremely strong smelling perfume of the lady sitting next to me. But my throat was still scratchy when I got home. And the next day. Then the fever, chills and body aches hit on day 3, and I knew I was in for a rough ride. My nose did a Niagra Falls impression, and I filled an entire waste basket full of used tissues. My nose could outrun any snotty nosed toddler, hands down!

I spent 4 days in bed. Alternating between "I'm freezing! Where's my jacket?!" to "Woah, it's hot in here, did someone turn the heat up!?" I was camped out on my couch with cold washcloths, Advil, Puffs tissues (with lotion of course), sinus reliever medication and popsicles. I also had all of the TV remotes and my phone. So, I was set.

I just had to wait for the flu to run it's course. But it is taking it's sweet time. By about day 5, I was getting worse and knew I needed an antibiotic and prednisone. (I was coughing up colored mucus) So, I called the after hours clinic for my doctor's office, and they called in my prescription to the pharmacy. (I think he could tell by my voice that I had pneumonia again, I could barely whisper.) I reminded him that I had asthma, and would also need a steroid.

So, a week later, this is what my breakfast looks like.

I just hope Hubby and my kids don't get sick. I am careful to wash my hands every time after I blow my nose. I also spray the remote and phone with Lysol after I touch them. And I am staying on the couch, away from everyone. I'm trying to keep my germs to myself.

I keep reminding myself "things could always be worse, things could always be worse." I'm the only one sick so far, pneumonia is what usually lands on of the kids in the hospital. So, I will keep my cough and germs to myself. And cross my fingers!

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