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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Follow up on thrush

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It seems like all of us moms take care of everyone except for ourselves. I knew my tongue was looking a little discolored and thought it was probably thrush from my maintenance medication, Advair, but I didn't have time to go to the doctor.
One night, after brushing my teeth, I asked my husband if he thought my tongue looked weird, and he said it looked my elderly neighbor's hair, which is stark white! (By the way, this isn't her picture above-she would strangle me if I posted a photo of her. So it's just a fun photo I found on Google Images)
I guess I didn't call the doctor because I didn't have any sick time left at work, since I had used it all up with my earlier bout with pneumonia this month. I wouldn't have time to leave the office and go to the doctor for a checkup. I finally decided to call when my tongue started to hurt. When I looked at photos of thrush online, it looked like many of the people had sores on their tongue. Yuck.
So, I finally called the doctor. Luckily, they called in a prescription. I was afraid it was going to be a bottle of Nystatin, which you rinse your mouth with several times a day. But, they called in a 3 day treatment of a pill I just took once a day. It was an anti-fungal. Nice! That I could do-and luckily he didn't make me come in for an exam. The pharmacist said that they usually save Nystatin for the tough cases. Luckily, this prescription seems to have worked. My tongue is slowly returning to a soft pink, and it no longer hurts.
So, all you moms that are putting off calling the doctor when something is wrong, just do it! We have to be healthy and take care of ourselves if we are going to take care of our families.


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  2. Andrea,
    I just read through your blog! It's awesome information, that I appreciate. I am a school nurse and have been for quite some time. I hope you don't mind if I share your blog to some parents of kids with asthma at some of my schools. It is great to "see" you again.
    Wendy Richards Whatcott, RN

  3. Wendy, please do! That's what it is for. I had a hard time when I was first learning about asthma and was reading technical articles. It's easier for me to learn from other parent's experiences and stories. I try to tell it all-the good, the bad and the ugly of dealing with asthma. Please send it to as many people as you would like!