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Friday, December 19, 2014

Using your Epin Pen or Inhaler correctly?

Well, I'm having computer problems today, so this will be a short post. (Poor little have served me well, but I can see that you are ready for retirement.)

There was a story on Good Morning America this morning with Dr. Michael Besser. He said that most people are NOT using their Epi Pen or asthma inhaler correctly, and it can be deadly.

Sometimes, people may not be trained properly the first time they get an Epi Pen or asthma inhaler. Or, it may have been a long time since they were trained and they suddenly find that they need to use it - but can't remember how! Uh oh!

He said that most people who use their Epi Pens correctly administer it into the thigh (you swing your arm down and jab it into your thigh), but then it hurts- so they pull it out again. BUT - you have to leave it there for 10 seconds or all the medicine won't come out of the tiny needle. There is a short video here that shows how to use an Epi Pen. 

There is another option too - Auvi Q. It's another epinephrine injector, but it is about the size of a cell phone - and the helpful thing is that it "talks" you through using it. See the video here.

The other thing Dr. Besser talked about was how to use an asthma inhaler. He said it's important to breathe OUT all the way before you use your inhaler. Here's a video that shows how to properly use an inhaler.

These are good reminders to make sure you are using them correctly. When you have an asthma attack or see someone having an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) it can be normal to panic and not remember what to do. It can be a scary thing to experience or watch happen to a loved one.

Watch the videos and book mark them - just in case you need them someday ....



  1. Thank you!! I forgot I had to breathe out before I used my inhaler! Now I'll get more out of my advair when I use it correctly.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    We love your blog! We're a health care startup working on pediatric asthma training ( with Mount Sinai and we'd love to get in touch with you on the phone for your feedback.

    You can reach me at

    Hope to hear from you!