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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Finding a cure for allergies?

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Billionaire Sean Parker is donating $24 million to finance research for allergies and asthma. (What would it be like to have 24 million "extra" dollars floating around to donate.....) 

Sean Parker has allergies and asthma. In fact, his allergies are so severe that he has lost track of how many times he's ended up in the emergency room - the last 14 times were with his wife. He now has two kids and is worried about the genetic tendency of allergies and asthma. 

Hubby and I worry too. We both have allergies, as do all three kids. Asthma runs on both sides of our family, and all three kids and I have asthma. I really worry about what it will be like if I ever become a grandma. Will my grand kids spend countless nights in the emergency room and hospital, like their parents? 

Sean Parker's money will fund the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford University. He is partnering with Dr. Kari Nadeau, one of the top specialist in the country for treatment of allergies. In clinical trials, she's been able to cure 680 out of 700 patients for multi food allergies. 

I never thought I would hear the word "cure" and "allergies"in the same sentence, but this gives me hope! There are brilliant researchers that just need the funding to be able to focus on their work.

Here's hoping for a better future for my kids and (someday) grandkids .......