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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!

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Have you ever celebrated New Year's Eve without fireworks? Salt Lake City, Utah is about to try it! Like several areas of the country, Salt Lake City can suffer from inversions . An inversion is when cold air is trapped in the valley with warmer air up above. That causes the air in the valley to become very polluted. Why? All of the exhaust from cars gets trapped in the valley. Unless a storm moves in with wind and snow, the air gets more and more polluted. 

Salt Lake City doesn't want to add to the pollution, so they are using a two story disco ball. for their annual New Year's Eve celebration.

For some people, air pollution isn't a big deal. But if you have asthma, it is a BIG DEAL!! To learn more about how air pollution affects asthma, visit the Utah Department of Health. 

It's nice to know Salt Lake City is trying to help with air pollution. It will be interesting to see what the two story disco ball looks like.I thank you, and my lungs thank you!!!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year! We in Poland will have 2015 in 2 hours. And You? I ask because of time zones...

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