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Monday, December 8, 2014

Medication problems

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Sometimes it can be really hard to keep track of all the medicines that I use. Luckily, I go to one pharmacy (and I have blogged before about how EVERYONE in the pharmacy knows me.....which isn't necessarily a GOOD thing! It's kind of like being on a first name basis with my car means I am there WAY too often!!)

Last week, I had to see my regular doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic to clear up an infection. When I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that there was a drug interaction - that my doctor didn't catch! I couldn't take the antibiotic with another medication that I was on.

Scary stuff!

It's helpful to get all of your medicines at the same pharmacy. The computer system they use will "flag" when there might be an interaction between two medications. If you are using different pharmacies, they won't have a complete list of all the medicines that you take.

I am VERY grateful that the pharmacist caught the problem. If you are worried about medications that you take interacting, you can try Drug Interaction Checker, from You can type in the names of medications, and it will check to see if there is an interaction. There can be minor, moderate, or major drug interactions.

You can also make sure that your medicine doesn't interact with food. I have to wait 2 hours after I drink milk to take my antibiotic. I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't read the big LONG printout from the pharmacy. 

Sheesh. Some things are complicated!!

If I want my medicine to work, I need to take it the right way. And that may mean:

  • On an empty stomach
  • With food
  • With a full glass of water
  • Without certain foods

If you have any questions, ask your pharmacist. These people are very smart!!
You may not need this now, but remember it the next time you need a new prescription :)


  1. Have you any experience with eczema/psoriasis? I have severe psoriasis and I'm using coal tar cream to treat it prescribed from my doctor. If you have experice, what moisturizers or over the counter lotions seem to work? I have the medication covered just need a good moisturizer

    1. The kids had problems when they were younger, we went to a dermatologist who prescribed something. I can't remember what it's been too long. sorry!

  2. I prefer Salamol to Ventolin because it tastes better and has a slower mist so it is easier to use properly without a spacer. We always use the same pharmacy so they have that on their system now! Three cheers for good pharmacists!

    1. Yes, our pharmacist also let us know about coupons to help save us money!

      But your allergy or asthma doctor may want you to use a spacer. It helps to make sure that the medicine goes down deep into your lungs and doesn't end up in the back of your throat.

      I listed to a pharmacist that taught at a local medical school. He cited a study that showed that the majority of pharmacists, doctors and patients are NOT using their inhaler correctly. Using a spacer really helps improve the delivery of the medication.

      I and all three of my kids always use spacers on our inhalers. If I am going to take a puff of my inhaler, I want it to go to the right spot!