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Monday, March 11, 2013

There's an app for that!

(photo from the WebMD website

WebMD has a free new app out for iphones, it will help if you have allergies. And spring is just around the corner, so this app is just in time!

In fact, we saw the allergy medicine TV commercial again where the actor has wads of tissues stuck in his pockets and the announcer says, "Do you store tissues like a squirrel stores nuts?!" Oh yeah, that's my family! Hubby and I and all three kids have year round allergies. And the kids and I all have asthma.

Here is a link to the video from WebMd's website.  It says the free iphone app will help with:

  • Personalized allergy and forecast alerts
  • Customized for you and your family
  • Notifications when your allergy triggers are high
  • Doctor approved tips and articles
  • Specific to you and your family's allergens
This would be really helpful for my daughter, Kitty. She started out yesterday morning sneezing, and she didn't stop until she got in the shower last night. In fact, she was sneezing so much, she got a bloody nose. Aren't allergies fun?! She takes allergy medication every day-year round-and has been having allergy shots for almost 5 years. But the sneezing continues nonstop.

This app would help you plan your day, it notifies you when the pollen count is high for your specific allergies. For me, that would help me know when to be a little more careful outside. If grass was high, I know that I would have to come home and shower to get all the pollen out of my hair and off my skin.

Try it and let me know if any of you like the app. I just got an iphone and am still trying to figure out how to use it. Maybe one of my kids can show me how to download the app....

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