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Monday, March 18, 2013

My medicine is how much????

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I know I have talked about this before, but did you know that there are companies that will help pay for your medicine? I was talking to a neighbor about it last night.

If you go to the website for, you can find help. When I did a Google search, here's what it said about Needymeds: 

"NeedyMeds is the best source of information on patient assistance programs. All our information is free and updated regularly."
Needymeds doesn't sell medicine, it helps you find a company that will help you pay for your medicine. The website is free and easy to use. Just go to the website and you will see a green stripe across the front page of the website. You can choose from:
  • Brand Name Drugs
  • Generic Name Drugs
  • Coupons Rebates & More
  • Free Clinics
  • Clinical Trials
My neighbor takes name brand drugs, so we clicked on "Brand Name Drugs." That takes you to a page with the alphabetical letters in blue print. Click on the letter of the alphabet that starts with your drug. For example, you can click on "A" for Advair. Some of the medicines will also have a little green box to the side of the medication that says "coupon". You can click on that for a coupon. For Advair, it will take you to a page that where you can print off a $10 off coupon each month.

If you click on Advair HFA (inhaler) if will take you to the page that lists 3 companies that will help pay for your medicine. They include the company name, phone number, website and qualifications.

You just have to see if you meet their qualifications. Sometimes they will have you send your taxes to verify your income.

We use a company from Needymeds to pay our co-pay on Son #2's Xolair injections. It's over $1000 a month for the serum, and our co-pay is $150 a month. The company we found pays for his copay.

In addition to the $150 a month for Xolaire, we also have to pay for Dulera, Symbicort, Asthmanex, Singulair (for 3 teeangers), and Zyrtec. All those prescriptions add up!

Check and see if you qualify for help. We didn't think we would, but we did. Companies want to give out the money (face it-it makes companies look good to say they helped people that couldn't afford their medication!) So by all means, take their money!

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