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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Cat Saga Continues


This is what the cat looks like that has adopted our yard. I'm sure it's only a coincidence that we happen to have a bird feed hanging from our pergola in the back yard. And that the cat just happens to choose to sit in that exact spot under the bird feeder.

It also jumps up on our front windowsill to get a better look at the ivy growing on the outside of our house. And what do you know? The ivy happens to have a bird nest in it too!

My daughter has decided to call the cat Ninja, because he (or she) is so sneaky. We also are trying to communicate with Ninja by meowing. I'm not sure what we're saying. Sometimes Ninja will run out of our yard like we're crazy freaks. Other times, it will look at us and say, "meow?"

The thing Hubby and Son #2 and daughter Kitty can't seem to resist is petting Ninja. We all have allergies, and everyone except for Hubby has asthma. But Ninja looks up at Hubby with those big green eyes, and Hubby is a goner. He can't help himself. Of course he starts sneezing non-stop. We were leaving one night and Hubby stopped to pet Ninja, then climbed in the car. So I handed him several wipes from my trusty pop up container Handi Wipes. I didn't want him sneezing all night long.

I was thinking 'as long as Ninja doesn't go in the house, I guess we are okay.' But Saturday night, as we were leaving, Ninja darted in the house. Just like he owned the place. He sauntered around and sniffed the living room and down the hallway. We were trying to shoo him out because I know that cat dander is almost impossible to get rid of. It's one thing to pet Ninja outside, but to have him in the house?!

We got Ninja back outside and I was hoping he hadn't rubbed up against anything. But, Hubby's sneezing and then later snoring answered that question.

I grew up with pets and loved them, but my lungs don't love them anymore. It's so sad that the only animals we have now are the stuffed ones sitting on daughter Kitty's bed. Sigh. I hate allergies and asthma.....

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