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Friday, July 29, 2011

No horse for the back yard.


So, my youngest child, Kitty, reminded me the other day that we still haven't bought a horse for her for the back yard. She said she has been patiently asking for five years now, and still no horse. Hubby said he keeps forgetting to get one each time he goes to the horsey store.

I had to listen to an hour long car ride of her saying, "but they're sooooooo cuuuuuuuute!" "aaaahhhh, there's another one!" and on and on.

Now, we live in the city, and our backyard is about the size of a postage stamp. Not to be deterred, she has decided that to save room, she will store the horse's tack and food in her oldest brother's bedroom (who recently moved out.)

We can joke about it with her, but the sad truth is that we can't have any animals inside or outside out home. When you have allergies and asthma, animals are not a good thing to have around. They are a very common asthma trigger and as cute as pets are, they can make you feel miserable. I feel like a such a mean mom, because I had plenty of pets growing up (and spent my childhood sneezing and wheezing.) The rule at our house is no animals.

Kitty also happens to be allergic to horses. A few years ago, we were taking horse back riding lessons and after each lesson, she would have an asthma attack on the drive home. I would race home as fast as I could so she could get in the shower and wash all the dander away, but she still struggled.

She is doing allergy shots now (immunotherapy.) To learn more about it, click here
She's been having allergy shots for about three years now, she may be able to tolerate being around horses. Hhhhmmmm

Now about the size of my backyard......


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