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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to use a nebulizer

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Have you ever looked at a nebulizer and thought, "huh?" How do all the little pieces fit together? How do you clean it?

I found a great resource from the Utah Asthma Program. They have a link for 16 pages of different picture diagrams from the American College of Chest Physicians. They show:

  • How to use a diskus

  • How to use Foradil Aerolizer

  • How to use Maxair Autohaler

  • How to clean your Maxair Autohaler

  • Using an inhaler-closed mouth technique

  • Using an inhaler-open mouth technique

  • Using an inhaler with a spacer

  • Using an inhaler with a spacer and pediatric mask

  • Priming and cleaning your MDI and spacer

  • How to use Pulmicort Turbuhaler

  • Using Spiriva Handihaler

  • Using a nebulizer

  • How to use Asthmanex Twisthaler

Page 15 shows pictures of how to use and then clean a nebulizer. Click here to be taken to the 16 page document. You may find several of the diagrams useful. I know my kids have used a variety of asthma medications, and they're all different. These photos may help you if you are confused and your pharmacist isn't handy to ask. Of course they would be your best option, but if you can't contact them, this may help.

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