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Friday, July 22, 2011


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It looks like Eczema is back to bother Kitty again. I didn't think she would still be having a problem as a tween it seems like most of my kids had problems when they were toddlers. Unfortunately, asthma, allergies and eczema often go hand in hand and can often last a lifetime. Lucky us!

Kitty started out with a spot on top of her knuckle, which then spread to the top of her other knuckles. Then it spread to the inside of her elbows and knees. What confused me was having it on the top of her knuckles, that's what made me wonder if it was something else.

So Kitty got to visit Dermatologist today. Kitty has several patches on her hands, so Dermatologist asked if she washes her hands a lot (which she does.) He then laughed and said he doesn't see a lot of eczema in boys, because they are usually terrible hand washers. Ugh.

He did prescribe a prescription cream for her to use, but recommended using a mild hand soap (such as Dove.) He also suggested we use Canola oil and dab that on the trouble areas. Simple fix, I would say.

Has anyone else had any problems with eczema, and have you found anything that works?
I'll be putting Dove handsoap on my shopping list and dragging out my big jug of Canola oil.

On the plus side, I am happy that she is a good hand washer, I know that the simple act of washing hands can prevent the spread of many illnesses. And as anyone who suffers with asthma knows, a simple cold for others can mean pneumonia and another hospitalization for us. I say keep washing those hands! And if you get eczema patches on them, use Dove hand soap and dab the patches with Canola oil.


  1. It is going to sound a bit nutsy but Organic Cold-pressed, UNrefined Coconut oil is amazingly healing. It is fantastic stuff. I use it on hives, eczema, my legs after I shave, as a face "lotion". It is lovely. I get it at whole foods, it is with the coconut products, not w/ traditional oils for cooking. (it makes a mean stir fry, too!)
    NJH gave us a tube of Vanicream which is fantastic as well. If you can get some, DO! Also search youtube videos for National Jewish Health Eczema, they are a leading treatment center. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh and I have to send my asthma kids to school with cetaphil "soap" to wash their hands, the traditional stuff makes their hands bleed)

  2. Coconut oil? MMMM makes me think of Hawaii, oh that I were there right now!

    Good idea with the cetaphil soap, Dermatologist said the anti bacterial soaps are especially harsh on skin. Kitty seems to be doing much better now

  3. My son has eczema on his face, back of knees, elbows, neck, behind ears...he is riddled with it. We tried coconut oil (cold compressed), olive oil, steroids, cetaphil lotion and wash, aveeno, aquaphor, lubriderm, gentle naturals eczema relief, bleach baths, salt baths, wet to dry dressings, Hydraplus, cocoa butter, hemp lotion, vanicream...etc. You get the idea. Nothing works. Even the creams that say 100% fragrance free, paraban free, dye free he says, "burns" him and he starts screaming when I put it on. So far, I put the canola oil on him, he doesn't scream and he specifically asks for "that lotion." He is 4. So far, so good.

  4. didn't end up working. About 30 minutes after I put it on him (when I had originally put it on him he liked it and wanted more of the 'good' lotion), he broke out in welts. So, no go on the canola :(

    1. Michele, I'm so sorry. What a struggle! My daughter is a teenager now and is still struggling with her eczema. We ended up getting a prescription from Asthma Doc. It's called Elidel. Here's the link to the drug company's website.

      It's crazy expensive. I think after our co-pay it was still $50. Ask your doc if he has any samples of the cream. I would hate to see you pay that much, and then have your son not able to tolerate it.

      A dermatologist might have another idea for you.

      I wish there was an easy answer. You just have to see what will work for your son.

      Good luck! :)