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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great minds think alike!

I was surprised to see this post on my Facebook page. Looks like great minds think alike! I think I just posted something about getting my kids ready for back to school with asthma. The Utah Asthma Program has a list of things to do to get the kids ready for school.

They listed the Self Administration Form so the kids can carry their inhaler with them. I know our school nurses send one every year that we fill out and mail back. If your school nurse doesn't, there's a form on the website. There's also a link to the Utah bill that allows students to carry their inhaler with them at all times in the school (if the parents think they can self-administer their inhaler)

They also have an Asthma Action Plan link, you can fill that out with your doctor so the school knows what to do if your student has an asthma attack.

I saw several programs also listed that will train the staff at the school (what does an asthma look like, what should they do to treat it, when to call for help, etc)

Has anyone ever had an experience of their child having an asthma attack at school? Did the staff know what to do? Was the school nurse available?

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