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Monday, August 16, 2010

Beware of hardware stores

Who would have thought just running through the hardware store with Hubby would cause an asthma attack?!

As a trained Interior Designer, a hardware store to me is like a kid in a candy store. Oooh, love that flooring! Hey, is that a new style of vanity for the bathroom? Nice mirror......

So, I am usually accompanied by Hubby so I don't drag home any new project for him. This time we were in the lumber area, getting wood for some faux paneling we were installing. I immediately started sneezing and coughing and my chest tightened up. This store was out of the size of boards we needed, so we had to drive across town to the other hardware store. Repeat sneezing, coughing and tight chest scenario. Only this time, I had to grab onto a display to catch myself because I was coughing so hard.

I managed to gasp out 'must leave' as I staggered toward the exit. The cashier was eyeing me as passed by her (who could miss that cough and stagger?!)

Fresh air outside! But alas, no inhaler in my purse. ( Like most women, I use multiple purses, it depends on which outfit I'm wearing as to which purse I grab. But I took the wrong one-no inhaler!) It seemed like a long drive home but as soon as I used some Albuterol, the cough instantly stopped. Although I still had a lot of mucus and irritated lungs for the rest of the day. But good asthma medication is worth it's weight in gold! I usually have different inhalers stashed in various places in cases an asthma attack hits. I'm always worried about the kids needing one, but what good is a mom who isn't breathing?! I need to take care of myself as well! Maybe I'll get a little chocolate while I'm at the store getting my new inhaler.......

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