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Friday, August 6, 2010

Flash back Friday- hospital birthday

So, what are the odds of being in the hospital on your birthday? Well, Kitty ended up there one year.

We were planning her birthday party and had sent out all the invites when she started getting sick. (#2 son was also sick and already in the hospital) Then Kitty started coughing and wheezing. Not unusual for an illness to travel through the family, especially one full of people with asthma.

She was admitted a day later, and I just sat down and cried. Then I thought, now what?! Two kids in the hospital, one with a birthday in a couple of days.

Enter One Very Cool Child Life Specialist. She said, "We'll just have the party here!" I didn't know you could do that! So she had us pick out a theme, pulled together decorations and party favors, and set up a room. I called all the parents, who met us at the hospital, then security took up the elevator into the secured area. I told Abby we were going to go for a walk with her tank to 'get another chest x-ray'. We opened the door to the room and everyone yelled 'surprise'. She glared at me and said, "This isn't the x-ray room!" (How many kids know what the x-ray room looks like at the hospital?!)

I had to admit that Mommy told a little lie to get her down to the room, and that all of her friends were here to surprise her for her birthday. I am so impressed with the nurses and One Very Cool Child Life Specialist. They pulled off a great party for one tired, very sick little girl tethered to her oxygen tank. They also decorated her room and brought presents! Even her teacher from school came to visit and brought a tiny little cake.

It's amazing how we can get through times like this, thanks to friends, family, and One Very Cool Child Life Specialist.

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