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Monday, August 9, 2010

Whew! Close one on allergies!

It's a good thing we've taught #2 Son to carefully check labels.

Last night, he went to get some ice cream after dinner, we had bought a ice cream with candy bars mixed in. It looked chocolately and delicious!

He came into the living room, holding up the carton by one hand (like a waiter carrying a tray) and said, "good thing I just read the ingredients on this before I took a spoonful."

Listed right there on the side were almonds, tree nuts! His worst enemy. Known to cause anaphylaxis for #2 Son.

It didn't even dawn on me that a candy bar ice cream would have almonds. Some mom I am!There goes my Mother Of The Year Award (again) ha ha. Ice cream with Snickers doesn't worry me because they're peanuts, but tree nuts mixed in candy bars are another story.

Sure, I'm supposed to protect my kids, not buy something that is going to give them anaphylaxis. Although, come to think of it-Hubby was the one who picked out this flavor. I'll be more careful next time. Even ice cream can cause problems!

Let your guard down once and this is what can happen. Good thing we've trained #2 Son as a back up label checker!

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