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Monday, July 12, 2010

Scout camp and boating

Well, an early morning departure for a scout camp out for my hubby, #1 son and #2 son. I stayed up late worrying about the logistics, such as where can they use the nebulizer? If they leave the truck at the dock, does the boat have a cigarette lighter that they can use to plug in the nebulizer? I packed #2's inhaler, but his asthma is so severe, that only a nebulizer will provide relief. He simply can't breath deep enough to use the inhaler when he starts coughing.

My husband called from the dock, he knew I was worrying about if there was a medical clinic close by, luckily there is. I hope they don't need it. (Unfortunately, the worst case scenario has come true many times for us!) They have enough supplies to take care of any first aid accident, I firmly believe that if I pack it, they won't need it! It's the one time I forget to pack a medication that they suddenly need it. It's Murphy's law.

There's no telling what plants or pollen are in the area. My hubby and kids could all be fine, or they can be up all night sneezing, coughing and wheezing. And the joys of sleeping out in nature, I hear there are lots of scorpions too! I'm glad I'm not there, it's 102 degrees at the lake.

They should be back safe and sound in a few days, I told them if they drown, I'll kill them. (our family humor). It comes from years of watching M*A*S*H, we can't help it!

I'm expecting sunburned husband and kids to return, stuffed with s'mores - ah, summer!

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