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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BIG tonsils and asthma

So what do BIG tonsils have to do with asthma? Well, a lot if you can't get much air past the tonsils to get to your lungs.

Kitty and #2 son both have big tonsils. In fact, the doctor said, "those things are huge! You could go bowling with them!"

#2 son had his tonsils a few years ago during Christmas break. It's really fun when you run out of liquid Lortab and have to drive around on Christmas day trying to find liquid Advil and Tylenol. We did manage to find one 24 hour drug store open on Christmas day-it was funny to watch all the customers trying to find last minute presents!

Back to Kitty-her tonsils are so big that they were almost touching. That causes her to snore quite loudly. Sometimes we have to get up during the night and roll her over so she stops snoring. She was sick again this Spring and she kept all of us up during our vacation. In fact, she snored so loudly, she woke up her half-deaf grandpa! He was quite surprised that someone snored louder than he does!

The tonsillectomy and adenoid removal was a quick operation, but a long recovery. It's been two weeks now and she said, "I'm really tired of ice cream for breakfast, can I try something else?" It seems like the ice maker on the fridge has been working over time to keep up with her ice chip consumption.

We're hoping this surgery will help her the next time she gets sick so that she can breathe a little easier. It seemed to help #2 son when he had his tonsils and adenoids out. When the hospital sends the bill, I think I'll just tell them to put it on my tab!

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  1. Great one! This will help a lot of parents.