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Monday, July 19, 2010

Prescriptions - "that's how much?!!!"

I thought this cartoon was hilarious, it's from my daily calendar. I know how this lady feels, I almost passed out when I went to get Kitty's prescription refilled last week.

I had switched to a warehouse pharmacy, hoping they would be less expensive. They weren't.

When the pharmacy tech rang up Kitty's prescription, she said "that will be $92". I said "no, no, no, that's not right. It's always $32." I was sure they had made a mistake. She helpfully asked if I had a new deductible or if the new insurance year was just starting for us. DOH! (insert Homer Simpson inflection.) Yes, it was technically a new insurance year (never mind that it's July). Like most normal people, my new year starts in January-silly me.

So, it was $96 for a one month supply. Now, all 3 of the kids take multiple medications for allergies and asthma, I haven't needed any other refills yet. I'm cringing thinking of the thought of another $96 refill.

We did discover some co-pay assistance. #2 son receives injections once a month for his severe asthma-a cool $1000 a pop. Our copay is $150 per month (cough, cough). We found a very helpful website that lists co-pay assistance called Needy Meds, luckily we were able to find a foundation that offers co-pay assistance for his particular inject-able medication. I wish we had known about this earlier, it's worth checking out especially if you have multiple people in your family taking medications for chronic diseases.

Guess I'll go through the cupboard and take stock of what prescriptions need to be refilled. * Sigh * Oh well, it keeps the kids alive, right?! That's all that matters!

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