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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Allergies anyone?!

Wow! Is anyone else having a hard time with allergies?! Grass and cattail are in the "extra high" category right now - and I can tell! Anytime I go outside, my nose stuffs up, I sneeze uncontrollably, my chest tightens up and I start coughing. Now the recurrent nose bleeds are starting.

It's driving me crazy! My yard is so pretty this time of year, my stress relief is to go outside and putter around in my flower bed. Pull a few weeds, water or trim. And the backyard has strings of lights going across the yard and it's beautiful to sit back there at night. But the longer I sit outside, the worse I feel.

I finally had to take my own advice and start showering at night. Our asthma and allergy specialist has always recommended this, and the kids shower every night. Of course, their allergies are so bad that they're doing immunotherapy (allergy shots). If they don't shower at night, they roll back and forth on their pillows all night long with pollen covered hair and skin. Say hello to swollen eyes and a stuffy nose in the morning!

I also have to keep all the doors and windows closed so the pollen doesn't come in the house. At least we have air conditioning instead of a swamp cooler, but this is going to be a long summer!

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