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Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash back Friday- VCD

VCD stands for Vocal Cord Dysfunction and it's one of those conditions that can be confused with asthma. Sometimes, when the severe asthma is uncontrollable on medication, they look at VCD.

#2 Son was evaluated for this, once again more fun at the hospital! He LOVED having a probe stuck up his nose as they watched his vocal chords during speech patterns. Nasal endoscopies are a great way to start the week!

His vocal folds turned out to be normal, but for many people it is an answer as to why they are displaying symptoms of asthma, yet not responding to normal asthma medications. Some people are needlessly taking asthma medication when in reality, it is a problem with their vocal folds.

Once again, diagnosis can be confusing. We are lucky to have a great asthma doctor who carefully ruled out all other possibilities before deciding on a treatment plan for #2 Son. He does have severe asthma and that is why he does Xolaire injections.

But do a little research and carefully consult with your doctor. Asthma isn't all cut and dried and can have other things that contribute. Ah, thank you genetics. Once again, we are genetically defective, I want a refund!

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