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Friday, October 28, 2016

Another option for epinephrine

Ah, the constant battle of trying to find the right medication - and one I can afford!

Like many people with asthma, I also have allergies - including food allergies. So, I carry an epinephrine auto injector. 

And since I had an accidental exposure to seafood last month, my body made new antibodies and I'm afraid my next exposure to seafood will mean a very severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis.)

To be safe, I take epinephrine EVERYWHERE I go. In fact, my epinephrine has been to Disneyland, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Washington DC and Paris. (The Washington DC security checks at the Senate and House buildings are REALLY strict - so after they put my purse through the x-ray machine, the officer was really suspicious! I had to pull out my epinephrine and explain what it was and why I had to carry it.) 

Anyway, I'm sure most of you have heard about the controversy about Mylan raising the price on their Epi Pens. Since I needed a new epinephrine pen, I did some research to see what else was available. 

I ended up getting one from Adrenaclick. You can read more about it from an earlier blog post  I was able to get the generic version for a $10 copay.

Auvi Q  will be coming back on the market in 2017.  I have NO idea what it will cost since everyone has different insurance and co-pays.

Auvi-Q is different because it's small (you can see the grey "practice trainer" above.) It's about the size of a credit card - but thicker. About as thick as a cell phone. Some people may like it better to carry in their pocket. 

The other really cool about it is that it "talks" to you and walks you through the steps to use it. Northern Colorado Allergy and Asthma Clinic has a very clever video that shows how it works 

So, talk to your doctor and see which epinephrine injector would be the best for YOU to use. 

And remember to take it everywhere you go.....just in case!


  1. Mine doesn't expire until december but I should ask next time I go. I was tempted to go with the needle and vial but epinephrine is so easy to over/under dose on and can give you a heart attack. I mean my insurance DOES cover epipen but I don't want to help mylan if I can help it. My pharmacy uses mylan for my ADD meds which I have no control over. My copay on the ADD meds are $20 but it would cost $300 without insurance which is ridiculous. Higher drug prices mean high insurance costs in the long run. My insurance does cover the generic adrenaclick so I think I'll go with that

    1. It worked for me, mine was only a $10 co-pay for the generic adrenaclick :)

  2. I just looked at Auvi-Q company, kaleo. The prices are similar to epi-pen amd they increased the price of an opiod overdose antidote from $575 to $3705. Another greedy drug company

    1. I know it's coming back on the market in a few months, but wasn't sure how much it was going to cost. That sounds pretty expensive!