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Monday, October 31, 2016

ALERT! Do not use dusty costumes today!!

Quick post before I run off to the Halloween party for work.

This morning, I grabbed a shirt from the shelf in my closet - a cute little thing that spelled "Happy Halloween" in orange and white sequins. That was all the dressing up I was going to do today....

However, I haven't worn the shirt since last year. So, I threw it in the dryer on the "steam refresh" cycle, pulled on a skirt and thought I would be okay. 


As soon as I arrived at my office, I started sneezing.....then coughing....then realized not only did I need to quickly use my inhaler, but I would have to drive back home and change my clothes!

So, here I am back at the office. 

If you (or your kids) have asthma and allergies and are triggered by dust, PLEASE clean your costume carefully before you wear it tonight.

You just might have time to get it washed and dried before it's time to trick or treat. 

 I can hardly type this blog entry because my hands are shaking from using my inhaler....

If you can prevent an asthma attack, it will be worth it!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Just nebulized and have a scantron test. Ugh. Nebulizers make me shaky

    1. I feel the same way. I can hardly text after I use my nebulizer - my fingers are too shaky to use the keys!

  2. In other news I had my car vandalized with racial slurs. This is going to be a long week and tomorrow is friday. My apartment didn't have surveilance cameras and I don't know who did it but whoever did knows enough about me to write those slurs. I'm scared, I really am

    1. That's crazy! Seriously - what is wrong with people?

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