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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Teal Pumpkin Project

And.....the fun begins! Trying to find candy without tree nuts for Halloween. Son #2 has a tree nut allergy and had an accidental exposure last month. Not good.

There are many different types of chocolate candy that don't have tree nuts (Milky Way, Milk Duds, Hershey's chocolate bars, Whoppers, etc.) But many times, the snack size candy bars are in the same bag with candy bars that DO have nuts. Or they're made in the same factory (which means they can be cross contaminated.)

What are some other candy options? The Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board has a Peanut and Tree Nut Free Candy List

Since son #2 is in college, he is WAY too old to Trick or Treat for Halloween, but I want to have some candy available when he comes home for Sunday dinners. I have to bribe him with something, right?! 

What about the kids who have multiple food allergies and so they can't trick or treat? Where's the fun in that?! They need to enjoy Halloween too!

Enter Food Allergy and Research Center (FARE.) 3 years ago, they came up with a great idea to let kids know if your house is food safe for Halloween.

It's pretty easy. You just:
  1. Buy a non food treat (bracelets, necklaces, stickers, glow sticks, etc). I get stuff at my local party supply store
  2. Put a teal pumpkin out front  
  3. Put up a free poster that explains why you have a teal pumpkin
  4. You can make a donation to The Teal Pumpkin Project
You can download free signs for your house. You can have non-food treats, or candy and non food treats. 

They also have a few more signs.

Need them in Spanish or French? They have those too!  

This is an easy way to let kids with food allergies trick or treat without worrying about getting sick or having an allergic reaction. 

Has anyone tried this in their neighborhood yet? If so, how did it go?

Let's make Halloween fun for all of the kids!


  1. I have a soy allergy but didn't develop it until college. I have a friend who is so allergic to tree nuts that she can't use rescue inhalers because they have treenut oil and has to use a nebulizer. Most people with food allergies can have the oil because they are allergic to the protein which oil contains mostly fat and very little protein. She is also allergic to soy and can't have soybean oil but I can without a problem. Everyone's allergies are different. I did this last year. I got some halloween pencils, spider rings, and vampire teeth and put them in a separate bowl from the candy. A few families were grafeful.

    1. You are so thoughtful! I remember when you took coloring supplies to the kids in the hospital too.

      I hope you are well!