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Monday, August 29, 2016

Different epinephrine injector

Screenshot from Vitals
It seems like my Facebook feed is full of stories about the rising price of Epi Pens by Mylan. I blogged about it last week. 

Mylan may be feeling the heat, because they are increasing the number of people that can use their co-pay assistance for Epi Pens.

It would be better if they would just DROP the price on the Epi Pen. For anyone that has had to ask for help with co-pays from companies, it's not always easy. We had to get co-pay help for 7 years when Son #2 was on Xolair injections (the serum was about $1500 a month.) It takes a lot of work to fill out paperwork and fax in proof of income.

I'm afraid there are a lot of people who just won't ask for co-pay help and will skip getting an Epi Pen and HOPE they don't have a reaction. That really worries me.

We will never get another Epi Pen through Mylan. (We have 3 family members who need Epi Pens and they have lost our business.)

. I just don't see how they can raise the price to $600, and pay Mylan's CEO $19 million while families are struggling to pay for Epi Pens.

Smart people are sharing another way to buy epinephrine pens.

There is another auto injector, Adrenaclick, but it works differently

. Vitals shared a story about Adrenaclick. 

They said:

"Since the devices are different, your pharmacist can’t just substitute Adrenaclick if your prescription says EpiPen, so you’ll need to ask your doctor to prescribe the one you want. You should also verify that Adrenaclick is covered under your insurance. Call the number on the back of your insurance card, and they should be able to tell you."
 So, I did! I called my insurance company. They said they would cover it and I would have to ask my doctor to write out the prescription for Epinephrine Autoinjector (Adrenaclick.) 

Insurance Company said the pharmacy may not have it in stock and they may need to order it. We have a great pharmacist who will order in meds for us. They are usually there within a day.
So, I will see Asthma Doc, get my prescription, and have Pharmacist special order it. I will CAREFULLY avoid seafood until then.

Then I'll watch the video of how Adrenaclick works 

And like always.....hope I never need to use it!!! 


  1. I want to completely boycott mylan, but my pharmacy uses mylan for my generic ADHD meds. I have no control over which brands the pharmacy uses. Even the ADHD meds cost over $200 without insurance.

    1. That stinks! I met with my doc and asked for the Adrenaclick (which she allowed to be filled with the generic version.)

      The pharmacy just ordered it in, it only took a day!

      And my co pay was only $10!

  2. I'm also annoyed by mylan suddenly saying they will make a genric for half the price. Even then it is still expensive at $300 for a pen that can be made for less than $10. Higher drug prices mean higher insurance many americans declare bankruptcy because of medical bills and they shouldn't.

    1. Yes, and you can buy the same Epi Pen in Canada for $100!