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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nut free cases at Baskin Robbins!

This summer has been sooooo hot. Locally, we had almost a month of temperatures above 100 degrees. (I know....first world problems)

So, we picked up Son #1 and Son #2 and went out for ice cream with daughter Kitty. I am not above bribing my kids to spend time with me! I will also take them out to dinner or a movie so I can see them!

My favorite ice cream is Baskin Robbins. However, we always have to be careful because Son #2 is allergic to tree nuts. By the way, tree nuts are NOT the same as peanuts  -  a peanut is from the legume family and is grown underground. So it is not a nut. Fun fact for the day!

The University of Iowa has information for their students to learn the difference between peanuts and tree nuts.   

It might be helpful for some others to read it too!

 Anyway, Son #2 is careful to watch for tree nuts in food. He asked the employee to use a clean scoop and the employee said, "This is a nut free case. This case only has ice cream without nuts. We are not allowed to put an ice cream in here that does have nuts." 

I was shocked! (And happy!) Why doesn't everyone do that?!

Son #2 was getting a sandwich at Subway and saw the cookies in the case by the register. He was going to order a chocolate chip cookie before he noticed there was another cookie in the case that had nuts. That means the WHOLE case is contaminated, and he can't eat ANY cookies in the case. (Proud mom moment....he remembered what I had taught him!)

I wish more places would separate their food that has nuts. I don't think they know that nuts can contaminate the other food.

If you are allergic to a food, you can have a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) with can kill you. Son #1 had anaphylaxis once after allergy shots. It was SO scary. I never want to see that again as long as I live.

So, THANK YOU Baskin Robbins!  For separating your ice cream that has nuts. It may not seem like a big deal to you. But it is to us!



    What do you think of this story?
    I am annoyed when people don't take food allergies seriously. I had a roommate who always complained she had to eat everything organic because shebelieved non organic food was toxic. I had a soy allergy and when I brought that up she said, "I have organic soy." Soy is soy and I am allergic to organic soy too. She was sloppy about cross contamination and never cleaned up after cooking which infuriated me. She didn't understand I could die. She thought an epi-pen would take care of everything. I was fed up and requested a new roommate from management which I eventually got.

    1. I did see that story. It's so frustrating.

      I have friends that are gluten intolerant. One person compared gluten to a food allergy.

      I said, "No! They are VERY different. You may have stomach problems and diarrhea from eating gluten. If I eat seafood, I will die." BIG DIFFERENCE!

      People don't realize that you can die. Some articles say in a matter of minutes

      Some say longer (30 minutes)

      Scary stuff!