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Thursday, August 18, 2016


This is how my life looks lately. 

I have had an endless stream of BUSY (read: stressed) weeks. Hubby's rock band concerts (it's just a hobby....), college graduation for Son #1, dinner parties, migraines and then some idiot who hit my car in a parking garage and took off. Yep, true story. 

I'm not the best at handling stress. And just when I think I have one situation under control, something else happens.

It seems to be a vicious cycle. Because stress can trigger an asthma attack. And anyone that has had an asthma attack knows how stressful that can be. And around and around we go.

The weird thing I have noticed is that when I have an asthma attack from stress, my chest gets tight. If I have an attack from another trigger (like cats, someone mowing their lawn, etc) I have a hard cough that won't stop until I use my inhaler. But if it's from stress, my chest gets tight. Gotta love asthma and how unpredictable it can be.

Has anyone found what helps them with stress? Some people use yoga, some do deep breathing, some people watch funny movies (Hello Netflix!)

What works for you?

I need to start with learning to say "NO" to projects. Apparently "NO" is actually a word - who knew??

Share your ideas and let's figure out how to control our stress and our asthma!


  1. I actually have a squeeze machine. If you ever watched the temple grandin movie you know what I am talking about. I have aspergers and it is very relaxing. My work was about to throw it away but I took it and fixed it. So happy. Netflix is good too. I'm a hardcore trekkie.

    1. Nice! I'm glad you know what works for you. I have found Jim Gaffigan shows on Netflix, a good laugh really helps! :)

  2. You know you have respiratory issues when you get excited that your new nebulizer is a beautiful green. My fiance looked at me funny when he brought back my prescriptions from the pharmacy and I got excited. It's a unhealthy person thing, he wouldn't understand ;)

    1. Seriously?? Green! Wow! We have our 16 year old big clunky nebulizer. It's ugly but it still works!

      Congrats on the engagement!!