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Monday, April 21, 2014

Quick melt allergy pills


I saw a commercial the other day where a woman was driving a convertible and was stopped at a red light. She sees a guy on a riding lawn mower mowing the grass strip that runs in the middle of the road, and she starts to panic because she can't get the top to go up on her convertible!  
(She must have allergies.....)

Then she starts sneezing, and her sunglasses end up sideways on her face. She seems a little embarrassed as she smiles at the person in the passenger seat and give s a little laugh.

The commercial is advertising allergy pills that you can take that will quickly melt in your mouth. (No need to find water to wash them down.) I can't remember what brand it is, so I was looking online for dis-solvable allergy medicine. I found Alavert (pictured above) and Claritin (pictured below) 


Has anyone found a dis-solvable allergy pill that works for them? It would be a nice option, instead of having to carry around allergy pills and water. I can add them to everything else I carry around in my purse (Bandaids, finger nail clippers, lip balm, an inhaler and spacer, Epi-Pen, etc, etc)

Ahhhh, My Life as an Asthma Mom.....


  1. Sound therapy is popularizing these days because it is a very efficient and 100% natural therapy which has no side effects. Sound therapy can not only be used in such cases but can heal Allergy. There is no doubt the power of Sound Healing and positive thinking is astonishing.

  2. I found they do little for me. lortadine is useless for me (the active ingredient in both) . I take clarinet (deslortadine) and it works for much better. For an emergecy antihistamine, I have children's benadryl and just calculate the adult equivalent. Benadryl is much faster acting and my doctor reccomneds it. I keep a copy of my doctor's asthma/allergy emergency plan in my backpack in case I was unable to communicate emergency personel could see it. I also keep my aldosterone emergency injection kit with me in case of an addisonian crisis. What does your medicine cocktail look like? For me it's; Prednisone and florinef for addison's, flovent as a controller for asthma, xopenex as needed, clarinex as regular antihistamine, allergy shots every 2 weeks, zoloft for depression and anxiety, prazosin for PTSD, calcium to compensate for all the steroids im on, halog for psoriasis, culturelle for GI distress, humira for psoriasis and general autoimmune disease, singular, focalin XR for ADHD, Auvi-Q for anaphylaxis emergencies, patansase for nasal allergies, rhinocort occasionally (i have a deviated septum from a broken nose and steroid nasal spray irritates my nose), macrobid for Reoccuring UTIs, Buspar for anxiety, Intal for another maintenance, and Tazorac for psoriasis. So many medicines!!!!!! My immune system needs to chill!! My psoriasis covers most of my body and is embarrassing, plus addison's and asthma, I'm a mess.

    1. Hi Nerdy Gal!

      Wow, that is a lot of medicine. I'm glad you found some things that work for you. You are smart to carry an asthma/allergy emergency plan....just in case!

      Let's hope you never need to use it! :)