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Friday, April 4, 2014

Is your city the worst city for allergies?

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The annual list is out!!! 
Allergy and Asthma Foundation of American (AAFA) has just released this year's list of Spring Allergy Capitals. They are "The Most Challenging Places to Live with Spring Allergies"

Is your city on the list?
How does a city make it on the list? They are ranked by:

  • Pollen score (pollen, grass, tree and mold spores)
  • Number of medicines people take for allergies)
  • Number of allergy doctors per patient
Hubby and I and all three teenagers have allergies and have been using a LOT of boxes of tissues lately. We also take a LOT of allergy medicine. Hubby woke up this morning with two swollen eyes due to allergies. I told him that people are going to think I smacked him!! (Think of one of the scenes from the Disney movie Tangled where Rapunzel smacks people with her frying pan.....) 

Can you do anything if you have allergies? Yes!! AAFA has a section on their website about how to treat allergies. There are a lot of great ideas on there!
There's the old saying that "misery loves company". If you have allergies, know that there are PLENTY of other people that are as miserable as you are! In fact, AAFA says that there are 50 million Americans that suffer from all allergies (food and drug, latex, indoor and outdoor allergies, insect, skin and eye allergies.) 
So, if you are suffering, you are not alone!! :)  

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  1. There is no Cracow in Poland - but it is probably one of the worst places for allergic people in Europe :P I'm hope is better with trush...