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Monday, April 7, 2014

Perfume causes another asthma attack

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Most people love perfume and body sprays. There's nothing wrong with wanting to smell good, but as my neighbor always says "people don't have to take a bath in it!!!"

I went to the theater this weekend to see the new Captain America movie. As we were watching the previews, I smelled some REALLY stinky sweet perfume. Ugh. I looked around to see if I could figure out where it was coming from.  I thought it was a woman who had just sat down 2 rows behind me. So, I got up and moved up a few rows. It seemed better, then suddenly it was MUCH worse. I think it was the woman sitting across from me. Great!!! So I got up and moved about 15 rows up. The smell seemed to come and go. I think she was sitting under one of the air conditioning vents, and every time the AC would turn on, it would spread the smell of her perfume.
Many people don't realize that perfume can be an asthma trigger. 

Then it started........first I started to sneeze, then I started coughing. Yes, I was having an asthma attack! I pulled out my inhaler and spacer, shook it, then took a puff. I waited a minute and then took another puff.

I tried to take a deep breath and do a little belly breathing, but couldn't because I would start coughing again. I coughed off and on for most of the movie and my chest hurt. You can forget trying to eat popcorn when you are coughing!! Or trying to enjoy a movie!!

Remember, that what may NOT bother you or trigger an asthma attack can trigger one for other people. Here is a list of the most common asthma triggers. What's yours?

Please keep in mind that some of us have asthma attacks from perfume. Please limit (or don't wear) your perfume if you are going to be in a public place and people will be stuck sitting near you (such as theaters, conferences, performances, or while traveling on planes, conferences, etc) 

I thank you and my lungs thank you.



  1. Oh, poor you. I know there's a mother who comes to story time at our library with so much perfume on that it's eye watering. I have to be very careful around her. I stopped wearing perfume in high school, when I found out a friend was allergic and had breathing probably. Little did I know I would be the one with allergy issues later on in life!

    1. I know what you mean, I haven't had any problems until the last few years. I always wondered how people could be allergic to perfume?

      Stupid asthma!!

    2. the very same thing has happened to me!! I had asthma when I was 12. Then It went away and now it's back now that I'm in college. Asthma can be autoimmune related, body attacking immune system. A lot of autoimmune diseases run in a cyclical fashion. I'll show you my sources when I get more time. It was this last year I was diagnosed with addison's disease, another autoimmune disease. I had sinus surgery when I was 12 and I'm having another one soon. Has anyone in your family ever had sinus surgery?

    3. Yes, one of my sons had sinus surgery, but it didn't improve any of his symptoms :(

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