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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer camp for kids with asthma?!

(American Lung Association Utah)

For those of you that have kids with asthma, you know how scary it can be. The thought of sending them to camp (without you!) can make your heart race.

How do you let your kids experience summer camp without worrying nonstop about them? "Normal kids" have a list of things they take to camp, and maintenance medication, rescue inhalers, allergy medicine, Epi pens and peak flow meters aren't included. But they are for kids with asthma. In fact, all those supplies are mandatory for a camp out. 

They are out in nature after all, with trees, bushes and dust and all the other things that can trigger an asthma attack. Every child with asthma is different and they can all have different asthma triggers. It's best to be prepared and pack all allergy and asthma supplies-just in case.

So how can you send a child with asthma to summer camp? And not worry?

One option is a Camp Wyatt   which is sponsored by the American Lung Association of Utah. There are different camps located in different states. Camp Wyatt supplies round the clock medical chair for your child so you don't have to worry. Here is a list of who will be staffing the camp:

Staff includes over 50 volunteers, including physicians, registered respiratory therapists, registered nurses and trained counselors.
Camp Wyatt is staffed 24-hours a day by physicians and registered nurses, in order to meet the special needs of the campers. In addition, their peak flow is monitored twice a day.
Kids can have fun climbing a rock wall, shooting bows and arrows, swimming, canoeing,  roast marshmallows and many more fun activities. They get to just be a kid and don't have to worry about their asthma because someone is there 24 hours a day to watch over them and keep them safe.

There's a fun video on American Lung Assocation Utah's website so you can what the kids are actually doing at camp. (By the way, the kids also get a little asthma education each day so they can better manage their asthma!) To find a camp in your state, contact your state American Lung Association chapter.

Bring out the s'mores and let's have some fun!!   

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